Pan abode style was used on a number of buildings in North America. The theme started in the 1940s with the use of interlocking red cedar. The building style was used in a number of applications from rustic cabin on the lake to homes, gas stations, motels and other commercial and residential applications. But with pan abodes the beauty is only skin deep. This design is a ventilation nightmare and these buildings should have stayed a summer cabin on the Lake. In true pan-abode theme the ceiling is the roof deck, wires for lights are run under the roof membrane. Insulation well nobody gave that much thought in the 1940’s, most had flat roofs a tar & gravel systems commonly known as B.U.R. (build up) In recent years attempts have been made to modernize these buildings. With no attic space to insulate and vent, the only option is to create a non-airspace. In the 1970s the approach was install a layer of wax paper to the roof deck and a layer of Tar board (donacona) sometimes two layers thick then a B.U.R. system on top. In the 1980s and 1990s plactic vapor barrier was used in place of the wax paper. The plastic created a dew point and with the use of soft blue foam for nesting pest ie Carpenter Ants. Over the foam a layer OSB board was installed then a layer of roofing was installed. Sometimes torch down roofing or asphalt tiles. This system made for a warm moist pest and mold filled rotting mess.                   

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